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The HTT seeks new trustees

December 2022

The story of Britain’s towns is full of interest: it tells of where we came from and who we are. Knowing more about the past of towns helps to make them better places to live in now and to plan them well for the future. The Historic Towns Trust exists to tell that story through the superb historical maps and atlases we publish and a range of lectures and events. 

To help us achieve our ambitions, we need to recruit new trustees.  All our trustees have a lively interest in historic towns, urban history and maps. But we are looking now for additional trustees who share our forward-looking vision, and particularly those who can also bring one of more of the following skills: legal expertise; knowledge of marketing and publishing; and familiarity with the use of social media.


Also, we are keen to improve diversity on our board in terms of ethnicity, age and geographical spread. In this way we want to help develop new perspectives on our urban history that will engage a wider range of interests and communities.


If you think you might be interested, please contact adrian.phillips @ (removing the spaces in the e-mail address) as soon as possible with a brief note about your background and why you are interested. We can then provide you with more information. Or use the contact from at the foot of this page.

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