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All About That Place – Post Event Update

Making friends and engaging people

The great All About That Place event has ended, after 90+ online talks, nearly 15,000 views on the YouTube channel, and hundreds of Facebook and email signups.

We’re delighted to have been part of this, and to have found many new friends and contacts. You can watch the eight videos created by our Trustees and our Cartographic Editor for the All About That Place event, showing what we do, how we create our maps and how they are used to research the fascinating history of our towns and cities:

We offered a prize of a choice of four of our maps for the prize draw on Day Two of the challenge. The winner chose Beverley, Alnwick, Coventry and Swansea.

Cover of An Historical Map of Coventry

Asked why she chose those four places, she said ‘I enjoy doing town trails when I visit new places and the maps will help me envisage what the place was like in the past and how it has developed. I was already planning a day out in Coventry as it is only an hour's bus ride from my home and had visited only once a long time ago. The other three towns I had noticed mentioned when I had been looking at coach holidays and thought they would all be interesting places to visit. Having the maps will allow me to get a feel of the places before I visit and help me to plan what I would most like to see, making the best use of my time there.’ This is a wonderful affirmation of the contribution that maps, and especially historical maps, can make to the appreciation and enjoyment of towns and cities: congratulations to the winner, and all good wishes for her travels.

All our maps are available to buy or order through good bookstores and online; Hull and Medieval London, both very popular, are being reprinted now. And by this time next year we expect to have added Bath, Cambridge, Ripon, and Perth to the map collection.


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