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Vice President

Professor Keith Lilley

Keith Lilley was for eight years Chair of the Trust.

He is a historical geographer and professor at the School of Natural and Built Environment ofQueen’s University Belfast. His interests include the development of urban landscapes and their built forms, and maps of historic towns and cities form an integral part of his work. British cities he has studied include Coventry, Chester and Swansea. Keith has been a major contributor to the Trust’s Town & City Historical Map of Coventry.


'The Changing Historic Towns Trust'

Professor Keith Lilley, writes about the Trust’s evolving approach to the British Historic Towns Atlas and the maps that it publishes.

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Annual Report

You can also read Professor Keith Lilley's 2021 Annual Report on the activities, goals and achivements of the Trust during his time as Trust Chair.

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Mapping Chester’s Landscapes: Past, Present, Future

With Professor Keith Lilley

In this lecture, Professor Keith Lilley, presents his work on medieval Chester and explains how maps can not only help us to understand more about the city's medieval past but also reveal the continued presence of these legacies in today's urban landscape.

He uses state-of-the-art digital mapping techniques to illustrate the potential for creating a new historical map of Chester and how this map could form an important contribution to the Historic Towns Trust's programme of mapping Britain's historic cities.


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