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Atlas Volume III


Maps to Download

The maps featured on this page are all available to download in full scale as a PDF below.

Additional Resources


The Historic Towns Trust has made the contents of Atlas Volume III (London from prehistoric times to c.1520) available to download as PDFs. The atlas contains:

  • Contents and abbreviations

  • The text, in six chapters

  • The gazetteer, in three parts

  • Maps of the City of London from prehistoric times to c.1520

An explanation of what a gazetteer is and how to use it can be found here.

The scales of the maps as printed are as follows:

  • The Situation of London | Scale 1:250 000

  • The London Area in Pre-Roman Times | Scale 1:143 000

  • Roman London | Scale 1:5000

  • City of London c.1270 | Scale 1:5000

  • City of London c.1520 (Maps 1 to 4) | Scale 1:2500

  • Wards c.1520 | Scale 1:5000

  • Parishes c.1520 | Scale 1:5000

Note that these are the scales at which they were printed in the atlas (and hence compiled for reproduction at that scale), and will not be the scales if you print them out. If you zoom into the PDF, you can't get out any more detail than was on the original maps!

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