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British Historic Towns Atlas

Atlas Volume I

Historic Towns - Maps and Plans of Towns and Cities in the British Isles

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About the Volume

General Editor: Mary D. Lobel
Topographical Editor: W.H. Johns

From the volume's cover:

This volume is an authoritative and unique work and is the first of a series explaining in cartographic and literary form, the history and development of towns and cities in the British Isles from the earliest times to about 1800 - that is before their Medieval character was transformed by the Industrial Revolution.

The visual impact of the maps and plans is exciting. They unfold, for the first time, a reliable ground record of towns for periods of their history long before the science of surveying and mapping was developed.

This outstanding achievement of mapping the past, as if the features existed on the ground today, provides a new dimension and insight into the development of British towns and cities.

Related Resources

Atlas Volume I

The Historic Towns Trust has made available for public access, courtesy of Lovell Johns Ltd, archival material from this Atlas Volume which is currently out of print.

This includes historical articles written by the Atlas researchers and authors regarding the towns and cities featured in this volume, as well as full maps visually detailing each town's history and development such as their medieval street names. These maps are now publically accessible to view online and download as PDFs below:

If you would like to reuse any of the materials from our Atlases and Maps, please see our copyright guidelines in How to Use Trust Content.

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Lovell Johns - the Cook, Hammond and Kell Organisation


Not available

Publication Status:

Available digitally, Currently not in print

Please note: The Historic Towns Trust does not currently sell atlases directly. However if they are in print, these editions can be easily obtained from bookshops or online book retailers by quoting the ISBN provided.

Banbury, Caernarvon, Glasgow, Gloucester, Hereford, Nottingham, Reading, Salisbury
Bristol, Cambridge, Coventry, Norwich
The City of London from Prehistoric Times to c.1520
Windsor & Eton
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