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Welcome to the Trust's Digital Library where you can browse and watch a collection of resource material from our latest projects and recorded lectures.
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Drawn From the Archives

In this collection, we feature a selection of illustrated material from our Town & CIty Historical Maps.

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Trust Archives

The Historic Towns Trust archive goes back to its foundation in 1963. It is a wide-ranging and eclectic set of documents which chart the history of the charity and the way that it has developed, as well as of the British Historic Towns Atlas itself. The Historic Towns Trust has deposited its archive with the Bodleian Library in Oxford for researchers, students and the curious public to access.

HTT-Town-Norwich-12-Map 4 County of the City of Norwich.jpg
Resource Support

Reproducing Our Atlases & Maps

The Historic Towns Trust is always pleased when researchers use maps from the British Historic Towns Atlas Volumes for research and illustrative purposes. If you are interested in using any of our content, please see our copyright guidelines on How to Use Trust content below.


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