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About the Trust


The Historic Towns Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. It is governed by a Board of Trustees, from a range of professional and other backgrounds, who bring their knowledge and expertise to the enterprise. The Trustees all share a lively interest in historic towns, urban history and maps, and are fully involved in the activities and running of the Trust. Subcommittees of the Board oversee different aspects of the Trust’s activities. The Trust employs a Cartographic Editor, who creates our atlases and maps and oversees their publication, and other cartographers as needed. 


Our vision and mission are to support and promote research into the history and topography of British cities and towns, and to disseminate the results. We aim in time to create an authoritative atlas of maps and text for every town and city in Great Britain. 


The Trust works in partnership with locally-based groups to produce maps and atlases. We welcome approaches from societies, institutions, and individuals interested in developing a project to map their own town or city. We have established a business model and key principles for these partnerships.


The British Atlas of Historic Towns was established in 1963 as part of a pan-European project to produce atlases of consistent scale and content for the easy comparison of the growth and development of European cities. The project's aim was to enhance appreciation and understanding of the history and character of European towns. 

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