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Spring Lecture Series

Borders & Borderlands

Recorded in association with the Borders & Borderlands research network at the University of Bristol, the Historic Towns Trust is proud to present the following lectures.

A Northern Way? The Archbishops of York and Urban Development in the Fourteenth Century
with Professor Sarah Rees Jones
Mapping Chester’s Landscapes: Past, Present, Future
with Professor Keith Lilley
Early Tudor London: On the Brink of Transformation?
with Professor Vanessa Harding
The Place of Native Populations in Medieval Colonial Towns: Wales and Prussia Compared
with Dr Matthew F. Stevens
Making Bristol Medieval
wth Professor Helen Fulton and Giles Darkes
About Lecture Partner

Borders & Borderland


Funded by the Faculty of Arts and the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Bristol, this research network is building collaborative research projects through workshops, conferences, public events, and publications. Find out more about their research in medieval and early modern Europe.

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