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All About That Place – the one-place study challenge event, from 22 september 2023

The Historic Towns Trust is delighted to be a Gold Sponsor of the All About That Place Challenge starting in September 2023. The Challenge has been created by the Society of Genealogists, the Society for One-Place Studies, the British Association for Local History, and other partners.

All About That Place event banner

This is a unique, free challenge event celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Society for One-Place Studies. It’s open to all with an interest in and enthusiasm for local history. It offers a collection of talks on research tools, analytical techniques, and place history. Participants will be provided with motivating challenge instructions, to help them to begin exploring place history. They will be able to download a free challenge workbook to record your learning activity and challenge progress.

The Historic Towns Trust is obviously ‘all about that place’, so this is very close to our hearts. So far we’ve covered 23 British towns and cities, but our ambition is for nationwide coverage, and linking with enthusiastic and knowledgeable local partners is key to achieving this. We hope to meet many new friends and potential partners through this unique event!

As part of the Challenge, we have recorded eight short video talks about our maps and atlases and how we work. They will be released one by one, with numerous other videos, starting on 22 September. After the Challenge is over, they will be available on our website.

We’ve also offered a prize of a choice of four of our Town and City Historical Maps, but even if you don’t win this prize our maps are of course always available to order from good bookstores and online retailers.

Click here for more information and to participate in the challenge, and follow #OnePlace and #AllAboutThatPlace

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