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Maps of Swansea and Mumbles now published

Covers of the Swansea & Mumbles maps in both Engish and Welsh.

The Trust's latest maps of Swansea and Mumbles are now published and available for purchase. The maps are available in two versions: English and Welsh languages. This is the first Welsh map published by the Trust with more to come as we expand our coverage of Welsh towns.

The maps feature both the city of Swansea and the smaller settlement of Mumbles to the west, on the edge of the Gower peninsula. The base map of Swansea shows the city at the peak of its industrial growth when it had earned the nickname 'Copperopolis', reflecting its extensive metal-smelting industries. The reverse of the map sheet includes a detailed map of the industry in the lower Swansea valley. In contrast, Mumbles by the same time had transformed from an inaccessible fishing and quarrying village to being a playground for Swansea, connected by the Swansea and Mumbles Railway.

Sample from the Welsh version of Swansea & Mumbles map

At the centre of Mumbles was Oystermouth Castle, a rare medieval survivor.

Both versions of the map carry an extensive gazetteer describing many of the sites of interest to be seen across the maps.


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