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Town and Country

The Irish Historic Towns Atlas (IHTA) has just published Town and Country. Perspectives from the Irish Historic Towns Atlas, edited by Sarah Gearty and Michael Potterton. It's a collection of essays, by past and present contributors to the Atlas series, exploring the interactions between town and country over the centuries, drawing on the research and publications of the IHTA. The book was launched at a reception at the Royal Irish Academy, home of the IHTA, in Dublin on 22 November. The launch was preceded by a lecture on Dublin by Professor Howard Clarke.

The Irish Historic Towns Atlas, like the Historic Towns Trust, is part of the international project to map Europe's historic towns and cities. They have published a large number of atlas volumes or fascicles, including two on Belfast and three on Dublin. The next major city due to be published is Cork. They have also produced a number of companion or ancillary volumes, of which Town and Country is the latest.

For more on the book and the launch, click here. For more on IHTA, click here.

Michael Potterton and Sarah Gearty with Pat Guiry


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