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A published list of articles about and references to the British Towns Atlas and the European Project

The following list gives information on the published list of articles about, or references to, both the British Historic Towns Atlas and the European project in general.

A map of the European towns covered in the series can be found here

(prepared by Sarah Gearty; courtesy of the Royal Irish Academy (c) RIA 2016).

A bibliographic list of all European atlases published to date can be found via the Royal Irish a PDF.

An article reviewing the state of publication of the HTA programme (Retrieving the pre-industrial built environments of Europe: the Historic Towns Atlas programme and comparative morphology study) by Michael P. Conzen was published in Urban Morphology (2008) 12 (2), pp 143–56 and provides further details on the genesis and progress of the project.

Barron, C (2016) Mapping Historic Oxford. The Oxford Historian, issue XIII. History Faculty, University of Oxford. Available to read on this page of our website.

Darkes, G (2016) Creating the British Historic Towns Atlas of York: problems and opportunities in mapping the past. Bulletin of the Society of Cartographers, Vol. 49, issues 1&2.

Hammond, Norman (2016) Northern powerhouse is put on the map after 2,000 years. The Times [newspaper], Saturday September 10 2016, page 82.

Barron, C (2017) Town Plans for Local Historians. Local History News number 123, Spring 2017

Millea, N, Parry, K and Phillips, A (2018) The European Historic Towns Atlas Project IMCoS Journal, number 153, June 2018 (available below)

Blunden, Mark (2018) Amazing new maps of London unearth history beneath the capital's streets, London Evening Standard, 25 June 2018

Eugene Byrne, (2020) Map shows how Bristol would've looked in 1480. Bristol Post, 8 December 2020


About the British Historic Towns Atlas

What is a Historic Towns Atlas? We explain text, illustrations and format

What are the aims of the project?

Former Trust Chair Professor Caroline Barron writes about the history of the project and its connection with Oxford

What is a gazetteer? We explain its function and purpose and how you can view our London gazetteer online.

Former Trust Chair Professor Keith Lilley writes about the Trust's evolving approach to the British Historic Towns Atlas and the maps that it publishes

A published list of articles about and references to the British Towns Atlas and the European Project

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