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Oxford atlas volume is published

Cover of the latest Oxford Atlas Volume

After many years work and an almost unimaginable amount of careful scholarly research by Alan Crossley and his team (led by Julian Munby and Malcolm Graham), we're delighted to announce that the latest volume of the British Historic Towns Atlas was published in early December 2021.

The atlas is a major contribution to the understanding of Oxford's topographical development and brings together information gleaned from documentary, mapped and archaeological sources. For the first time, the development of Oxford, as a town and then later a city, has been shown on a series of maps, with an accompanying text explaining what the maps show. The volume also contains reproductions of some of the well-known historic maps depicting Oxford since the 16th century, and many pages of illustrations.

The atlas has been supported by a patient group of donors and sponsors, and we must record our considerable gratitude to them for their generous donations and their patience in waiting for the volume to come out.

The atlas can be ordered from your favourite book retailer. To find out more see Atlas Volume VII Oxford for full details of the new atlas volume.

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