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Professor Sarah Rees Jones

Sarah Rees Jones is Professor Emerita of Medieval History at the University of York.

She works on medieval social history, is the author of York, the Making of a City, 1068-1350 (Oxford, 2013) and contributed to the British Historic Towns Atlas, Volume V, the City of York (2015).


A Northern Way? The Archbishops of York and Urban Development in the Fourteenth Century

with Professor Sarah Rees Jones

This lecture presented by Professor Sarah Rees Jones, explores the lay-out of the medieval towns of Beverley, Hexham, Hull, Ripon, Southwell, and York during the fourteenth century. The morphology of the town plans, especially the relationship between the market place and the minster or major church in each town, seems to have been distinctive to these northern regions. Containing images of maps and street plans, the lecture shows how important maps are to our understanding of medieval history and town planning.


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